Cr Pamela Rothfield

Pamela is a fourth generation Phillip Islander who returned to the island as a permanent resident 12 years ago.

Pam commenced her working life at the age of 19 with Village Roadshow. Here, having completed a Diploma in Accounting, she learned the disciplines required to work in an executive team of a large structured organization, progressing up through the ranks to the executive role of Manager of Acquisitions for Roadshow Distributors. At the age of 28, she regularly travelled overseas negotiating the multi-million purchase of film distribution rights for the territory of Australasia on behalf of the company.

After 19 years in the film industry, Pam and her twin sister, Judy took the opportunity of purchasing a fledgling computer business comprising one store. Twenty-five years later, this business employs 200 full-time, operates in all capital cities (except Darwin and Hobart) and is now run by an executive team, allowing Pam and Judy to step away from the day-to-day management.

Pam served the local community as Mayor of Bass Coast Shire Council from 2016 to 2018 and continues to represent the Island Ward, which covers most of Phillip Island.

Pam’s passion is local and family history. She took on the roles of secretary and treasurer of the Phillip Island Cemetery Trust six years ago and has a deep connection with the Cemetery, having four generations of ancestors resting there, including her great-great grandmother. Her involvement in the Cemetery Trust and the Phillip Island and District Historical Society has highlighted the importance of capturing the history of our Island pioneers for our community of today – both young and old – to aid in their appreciation and understanding of the struggles and challenges, faced by those who have gone before us.

In her private life, Pam has two grown sons, Elliot and Blake, and lives with her partner, Raymond ‘Rowdy’ Jansson, also a multi-generation Phillip Islander.

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